Family Sat Down in Field at Golden Hour

The outfits you choose are one of the most important factors when planning for your session and play a huge role in the visual aspect of your final images.

‘What do we wear?’  is one of the most common questions I get asked by families before their shoot.

I have created a little guide and put together a few tips to point you in the right direction when it comes to styling your family for your next family session.

Tip 1 – Choose your palette

When it comes to palettes, earthy tones, pastels and neutrals work well on camera and give a cohesive look. You want to complement each other’s outfits by choosing colours that work well together. Try to coordinate but don’t match.

Earthy muted tones will also suit the natural locations of my sessions and my editing style.

Tip 2 – Add some textures and patterns

Different textures will always photograph well. Adding a bit of linen or a chunky knit to your wardrobe adds interest to your photos.

As for patterns, smaller patterns such as ditsy print flowers work well but try and avoid larger more intense patterns. Just remember not too many patterns at once as this can be overwhelming in your final images. It may also seem like an obvious one but avoid neon, logos, sayings and characters on children’s tops.

Tip 3 – Add layers

Layering up your outfits not only provides visual interest and more variety to your photos but can also add movement. For the girls, dresses and skirts are a great shout and can work throughout the year as they can be layered up with leggings or tights on cooler days.

Tip 4 – Feel comfortable

Probably the most important tip is for everyone to be feeling happy and comfortable. Please don’t feel like you have to wear your Sunday best to our session; you will feel too formal and may find it hard to relax. Relaxed and casual is definitely the way to go. The most important thing is to be yourselves and feel comfortable.

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August 8, 2022

What to wear to your family photo session